Cinema Esperanca International

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Télécopieur: 416-462-1573
Adresse: 36 Charlotte St, Suite 1106, Toronto, ON
Code postal: M5V 3P7
Ville/Localité: TORONTO
Province: Ontario
carte: Agrandir le plan
Web Directory No.LK-25649-3416
Cinema Esperança is an international film distribution and production company based in the city of Toronto, Canada.

We focus on producing, distributing, and selling thought provoking and entertaining feature films and documentaries that are theatrically viable for both Canadian and international markets.

The company is committed to producing and marketing quality films & documentaries, in all genres, that are thought-provoking, entertaining, and thatrically viable. Special emphasis is placed on supporting new filmmakers and auteur directors whose visions can be shared with cinema going audiences worldwide.

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